File namesEdit

The first letters in the names of spell and ability files give some information about the spell or ability:

  • oh: Beamdog content added before SoD was released.
  • bd: Beamdog content added with or after the release of SoD.
  • SPCL: Class ability (including HLAs).
  • SPIN: Spells and innate abilities of NPCs, monsters or the bhaalspawn.
  • SPDD: Dragon disciple abilities.
  • SPRA: Ranger spells, including beastmasters, and stalkers.
  • SPDR: Druid spells, including avengers.
  • SPSD: Shadowdancer abilities.
  • SPDM: Dark Moon monk abilities.
  • SPJA: Jaheira spells.
  • SPSH: Shaman spells.
  • SPWI: Wizard spells.
  • SPPR: Priest spells.
  • SPWISH: Wish spells.
  • SPWM: Wild magic surges.

Wizard and priest spell names follow this format: SPXXyzz. XX is either WI or PR. y is a digit from 0 to 9. If it is 0 it means that the spell cannot be used by players. Otherwise y is the level of the spell. zz is a number between 00 and 99. If it is in the range 01-49 it can be used by players, otherwise it can't.

Hidden spellsEdit

Spells included in the table HIDESPL.2DA are hidden from the player and they are not availabe during spell selection. An example is Dimension Door (SPWI402).

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