Effects parameters Edit

Dispel/Resistance Edit

Indicates whether an effect can be dispelled and whether it bypasses magic resistance. The values available are:

  • Natural/Nonmagical (0).
  • Dispel/Not bypass resistance (1).
  • Not dispel/Bypass resistance (2).
  • Dispel/Bypass resistance (3).

Regardless of this parameter there are two types of effects that can never be dispelled:

  • Effects that summon creatures.
  • Instantaneous effects (duration=0). The reason is that effects can only be dispelled while their duration lasts.

Dispelling works similar, except that dispelling is only relevant if the↵ casting opcode is delayed or is op333 (Static Charge), as otherwise ↵they are instantaneous, not sticking around to be dispelled.

Natural/Nonmagical is the same as "Not dispel/Bypass resistance" except when used in the Dispel Effects opcode.

The effects Use EFF file (op177) and Use EFF file as curse (op283) call another effect, which means that a single "net effect" is created from the combination of two effects (one of this two plus the called effect). Whether this "net effect" is dispellable and bypasses magic resistance depends on the values of the Dispel/Resistance parameters of both the caller effect and the called effect:

  • The "net effect" is dispellable only if the caller effect is dispellable.
  • The "net effect" bypasses magic resistance only if both effects bypass magic resistance.

For example, Dark Taint (BHAAL2B) uses Use EFF file to call SPWI411E.EFF. The Dispel/Resistance parameter of Use EFF file is Dispel/Not bypass resistance. However, the Dispel/Resistance parameter of SPWI411E.EFF is Natural/Nonmagical. Therefore, the "net effect" is dispellable because Use EFF file is dispellable; and it doesn't bypass magic resistance because Use EFF file doesn't bypass magic resistance.

Other effects that cast spells, like Cast Spell (op146) work the same as Use EFF file regarding magic resistance. Regarding dispelling, the "net effect" is dispellable if either the caller effect or the called effect are dispellable.

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